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Awesome fest

Returns in 2021! Stay tuned for details. 

The Rules are (kinda) Simple:

TEAMS OF 5 REQUIRED: So, gather you plus 4 of your most awesome friends (and a team Wizard *optional) and come up with AWESOME costumes

Compete in feats of brain and brawn and team work to prove your worth

Raise money for the Florida Keys SPCA

Raising money for the FKSPCA can also earn your team points (besides the awesomeness of helping the critters!)

Awesome Fest Feats of Honor and Glory include:

*timed keg stand (1 team member)

*egg toss (2 team members)

*tiny trike turn and burn

*Mario Kart competition (1 team member)

*Jenga and Crock Pot Challenge (judges sample and rate your tasty creations while your team kicks ass at Jenga)

*running of the Hobby Horses (style definitely counts in this arena)

*Mary Ellen's Super Special (1 team member -chug a PBR, take a shot, then eat as many slim jim's in 2 minutes as you awesomely can)

*flip cup tourney (all team)

*group talent show (yes, all members must participate, minus the wizard.)